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We Have 9+ Years Of Experience In ICT Professional Services

Longsoft Private Limited was a division of Memot Distributors Private Limited, a company formally registered under the compies act. This division has been operating in Harare Zimbabwe since 2009. Specialising in fields ranging from; ICT project management and consultancy, online marketing, business branding, computer networking, desktop and laptop sales plus repairing, graphics design and multimedia solutions to software installations and upgrades. The company then incorporated Longsoft Private Limited as a stand alone company in 2021 so that Longsoft can be expanded further. The operations and core business is still the same and improving everyday. We are expanding all our services globally and we are sure that we will make a difference in the world. 

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why choose us

We have a wide range of professionals ready to assistyou in any possible, secure and reliableway. We have attained many years of experience during all these years in the ICT industry. Our support in 24/7, that means we are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our client feedbacks speaks more about us and how we handleour business. Satisfaction guaranteed and we will improvethe operations of your organisation.

Computer networking 
Ict consulting
Graphic design & advertising 
ict project MANAGEMENT 
Pc & laptop support 

We are developing a faster way of supporting all our clients. Your business's success is the backbone of our organisation.  The development of easy and efficient ways of conducting business is our goal.

Longsoft Private Limited is also a software developing company, so we can meet the needs of your organisation. In the development process we work hand in hand with you so that we will get in detail all that has to be implemented on the final outcome of the project. 

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We plan everything together and set up meetings with your our valued client.  This is to strategically plan and do progress checks on the project. 

We give ourselves a timeline were by the project has to be finished and  we do the beta testing of it. This also gives us time to fix any glitches within the system if they are any. We will make sure that everything is copyrighted and you will have the blueprint of the project.

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After the development and planning phases, we go to the advertising phase wereby we help our client in advertising the product and increase the visibility of the brand and software/application.  That will be done so as to increase the rate of the returns or revenue from the project. 

Longsoft will ensure that we recommend your software to all our clients and that too will increase your organisational network. 

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Information technology 

Information is key in the development of any organisation, brand or business. We are here to innovate and improve technology in any business 

our excellent team

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brian jack
Founder & CEO
roy jack


shawn mudiwa
Human Resources
Mavis mubvakure

Marketing Officer