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We plan everything together and set up meetings with you our valued client.  This is to strategically plan and do progress checks on the project. 

We give ourselves a timeline were by the project has to be finished and  we do the beta testing of it. This also gives us time to fix any glitches within the system if they are any. We will make sure that everything is copyrighted and you will have the blueprint of the project.


We are developing a faster way of supporting all our clients. Your business's success is the backbone of our organisation.  

Longsoft Private Limited is also a software developing company and in the development process, we work hand in hand with you so that we will get in-depth information that has to be implemented on the final outcome of the project.


After the planning and development phases, we go to the advertising phase were by we help our client in advertising the product and increase the visibility of the brand and software/application. 

That will be done so as to increase the rate of the returns or revenue from the project. Longsoft will ensure that we recommend your software to all our clients and that too will increase your organisational network

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We will ensure a very high success rate on the services and products that we offer. No matter how big the organisations is, we will make sure that you grow even bigger because of the services we would have done for you. Efficiency is a key element in any business so we strive to bring that to your organisation so that your clients will have the best time when they visit your workplace. Your customer relations ratings will also skyrocket hence bringing forth a big and massive opportunity to conduct business with new and existing clients. 

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Powerful IT Solutions

From complex ICT projects to seemingly simple tasks, we do  due  diligence when it comes to execution of our work



Digital Marketing

Our main goal is to grow your client base and improve the sales of your products and services through all available business platforms. 

Web & App Development

We are here to provide Website and Application development to your organisation. We will engage you from the initial process to the end of development.

Computer Sale & Repairs

We offer the best computer repairs and diagnoses services in our city and country.

ICT Consultancy

We provide professional feedback, strategies, guidelines, and advice for businesses to be able to source, utilize, and manage their IT resources.

ICT Project Management

Longsoft will help you with your project from the initiation to the end of the project. 


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