our services

ict consulting

We are there to provide you with vast knowledge of your systems and bring you better solutions to your organisation. Our team of professionals in dedicated to assist you in ant possible way so that you will have a smooth flow of work in your organisation. 

computer Repairs and sales

we offer the best computer repairs and diagnoses services in our city and country. Our IT team is ready to support and repair your computers. We also sale computers and softwares for the convenience of our clients and offer guarantee on our products.

graphics and media

Your brand speaks louder than anything else in your business. we are here to provide you with great visual and audio content to push up your brand identity. We can create content that is suitable for advertising, campaigns and projects for your company.

website & application development 

We understand that a company needs its own platform to conduct business online. We are here to provide Website and Application development to your organisation. We will engage you from the initial process to the end of development. 

digital marketing

We would want to market your organisation around the world. All platforms are at your disposal and we will manage your networks. Our main goal is to grow your client base and improve the sales of your products and services through all available business platforms. 

ict project management & networking

Longsoft will help you with your project from the initiation to the end of the project. With the vast knowledge that we have, we will ensure you a higher success rate on your project. We also do big data analysis and computer networking.

what we do

We are service providers in the ict industry

We will ensure a very high success rate on the services and products that we offer. no matter how big the organisations is, we will make sure that you grow even bigger because of the services we wold have done for you. Efficiency is a key element in any business so we strive to bring that to your organisation so that your clients we have the best time when they visit your workplace. Your customer relations ratings will also skyrocket hence bringing forth a big and massive opportunity to to conduct business with new and existing clients.